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I was quoted in Bloomberg


Great summary of a few ocean shipping related legislative proposals/hearings being discussed on the Hill this week.

(Article by Laura Curtis of Bloomberg.)

As I said in the article, alliances do serve an important role in the overall global supply chain and benefits are notably seen through an increase in service route options. There are three (for now, 2M dissolves in 2025) alliances and they regularly compete with each other. It’s not (as a whole system) as nefariously cartel-y as it has been described.

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Laura Curtis

US economy on the West Coast


Container carriers are facing new measures in the US Congress that would strip away a long-standing antitrust exemption, even as the first shipping reform law in two decades is still being implemented.

As consumer demand surged during the pandemic and logistics networks clogged up, the liner companies were accused of operating like cartels, driving up freight rates for US imports and other busy routes while refusing to take lower-fare exports.

Now that the dust has settled in the supply chain and rates have fallen back to earth there's a larger conversation in Congress unfolding. Should lawmakers keep antitrust immunity for ocean carriers — with increased oversight by the Federal Maritime Commission — or do away with the exemption entirely, which would eliminate the FMC’s oversight of the competitive impact of carrier and marine terminal agreements.





Source: UNCTAD

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